What is Included in a Transport Scoping Study?

The Transport Scoping Study pre-planning consultation areas to be addressed usually include:

  • Planning policy context and the type/scale of development
  • Provisional means of access, servicing and parking
  • Previous land use and historic traffic generation from the development site
  • Person trip generations and trip distribution methodologies and/or assumptions
  • Catchments or study area for the proposed development
  • Identify committed development
    • This is development in the vicinity of the site which has planning consent but is not yet built or operational and would have a material impact on local traffic conditions
  • Scope of road accident investigation. Personal Injury Accident records are obtained from the local recording authority this information usually incurs an administration charge
  • Existing traffic flows and network peak hour periods
  • Assessment years – year of opening and horizon year(s) including traffic growth factors from the traffic count year to the assessment years, to take account of traffic growth on the highway network.

The above list is not exhaustive and there may be additional issues that are site specific and reflect local conditions, as well as other material considerations.

Require Assistance with a Transport Scoping Study?

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